FeastDay! Game Now Available!

FeastDay Box Top

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Here are a few FUN FACTS about FeastDay! 

  • It’s great for family fun, homeschool, parish, R.C.I.A, or Catholic School learning

  • 52 spaces represent 52 Sundays in the year

  • Players travel through the Church Seasons learning about colors, symbols, Apostles, disciples, and more

  • Illuminates Jesus’ life from Annunciation through Ascension

  • Illustrates the lives of many Saints

  • Highlights spiritual events within the context of natural world elements

  • Emphasizes the four Gospel writers

  • Includes all Holy Days

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FeastDay! Game Board

FeastDay! Game Board


How about a quick review guide for the liturgical seasons?

That’s a great idea, we’ve got that! Get yours below!!!


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