The FeastDay! Game is On: Order Now!

The FeastDay! Game is On!

FeastDay! Proof

FeastDay! Proof

What’s better than tail-gating on game day? How about knowing there will actually be a game!

This week I was sent a proof of the production of my game FeastDay! The Liturgical Year Board Game. (see photo above) They call it a “proof” to prove it has been produced. In fact, all 500 have been produced, the other 499 come after I inspect the proof and give a thumbs up!

Up until now I have only had a prototype of the game. A prototype, meaning primitive form, or impression, offer a sample or early model of a design for testing a concept or process prior to replication. FeastDay! has been play tested by families, students in parish and Catholic School classrooms, and by adults and the consensus is in; Playing FeastDay! is both fun and educational!

My delivery will be in by October 1, ready for the Advent season and beginning of church year. A pre-launch sale is going on now at our online store. Order yours now!

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